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From Churchill's War Rooms: Love letters

"For me, it really was love at first sight," says Olive, quoted in the Telegraph. "I can remember the moment. It was just incredible."

He was chasing her best friend but when the friend failed to answer his phone call, he took Olive out instead. The romance developed when they got drenched on a walk in Surrey and had to dry out, in borrowed clothes, by a hotel fire. "It's amazing how it worked out. It's as if we were drawn together on that day."

Working as a young secretary in the Cabinet War Rooms, and privy to the most secret aspects of World War II, Olive Christopher kept up “a poignant, passionate correspondence” with her fiancé, Major Neil Margerison, an Army ammunition expert.

Their letters, and a commentary that describes the war from a fresh perspective, have just been published in Joanna Moody’s From Churchill's War Rooms: Letters of a Secretary, 1943-45. (I can't find the book on Amazon America, but it should be there soon.)