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Rosie Stancer heads to the Arctic alone

Howard of Beautiful Britain alerted us that 47-year-old Rosie Stancer has left London for Toronto, and on March 4 will begin her bid to become the first woman to trek solo to the Geographic North Pole. You can watch her train here.

According to the Telegraph, "Only a handful of men have achieved this feat since the first in 1978. One of the last women to try disappeared in the pack ice and was never seen again."

Rosie is quite small, and very determined. She has already been to the South Pole, but the Arctic is quite different as the sea is constantly breaking up, and there are predatory polar bears. She will have "no companions to lean on; no guide to look to; no dogs, no kites, no skidoos; and no scope for screw-ups."

She loves the spiritual side of the challenge, and being close to nature.

She intends to be back with her husband and son after completing the journey in 60 days. She is raising money for the Special Olympics GB and for a sports hall for the Inuit community of Resolute, the original inhabitants of the extreme North American Arctic.