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Exploring ethnicity and values in education

Recently we posted on the UNICEF report that showing that children living in Britain were bottom of the league table of western countries in many regards. We pointed out that many children living in Britain had not been here very long, and due to the generosity of the British included large numbers of immigrants from all over the world. Today in the Independent there is a breakdown of GCSE results by ethnic group. The Chinese and Indians do best. There are not, however, large numbers of these groups in Britain. The Bangladeshi, African, Pakistani, and Afro-Caribbean groups, which constitute by far the greatest numbers of immigrants into Britain from outside Europe, score very badly. For instance, only 22.7% of Afro-Caribbean boys get five decent GCSEs.

It would be interesting to investigate why that 22.7% did well. Are those boys being brought up in homes and schools with standards of behaviour and Judeo-Christian values? Are they receiving help, encouragement, and discipline? Are they being inspired by British history? Are they being given a sense of identity? Are they being brought up in two-parent homes with parents who care whether they do well?