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Brits' Week in Review

Bravery was a theme last week. We found it in all sorts of times and places:

Rebutting misinformation about the EU
Gina Khan, a brave woman, speaks out against violent Islamists
The fellowship to abolish slavery (2 posts)
A beautiful ideal (how children see it)
Recalling bravery on the sea (Dame Ellen MacArthur)
A higher value than safety
A tale of weakness and selfishness; a tale of courage and selflessness
Dancing through the war

And there were these posts:

Ideas from New Zealand
What are you laughing at?" (British and American humour)
Playing football with the British taxpayer
Protecting against bird flu
Boys playing adventurously with the help of a book
Fingerprinting in the UK
Shining light on global warming
A flying txt message from John Donne
Secret Adversary (Agatha Christie on thinking effectively)

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