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Rebutting misinformation about the EU

EU-sponsored misinformation is relentless, but Roger Helmer MEP continues to return fire in the press, including:

New Europe - February 2007

Back in 2005, the French people voted by a substantial margin to reject the European Constitution, and days later the Dutch rejected it by an even larger margin. The document contained its own ratification criteria. It required all countries to ratify, yet two major EU founder-members rejected it. If democracy means anything, the constitution is dead. The people have spoken. But the European élites were not going to give up so easily. They declared a pause for reflection, although (as Quentin Letts said in the FT) it has proved to be all pause and no reflection. . .

Letter to the Editor - Leicester Mercury - Wednesday, Wednesday, 24th January 2007
Collis Gretton (Mailbox, 2nd January) is looking at the euro through rose-coloured glasses. If the euro is "the high point for the EU", then heaven help us. We already have a dangerous house-price boom in the UK. If we joined the euro, we should be stuck with a lower interest rate, and inflation would run out of control.

British bikers driven round the bend - Friday 15th December 2006
Motorcycling has been backed into a corner by the ignorance of Europe, say biking enthusiasts who joined the Conservatives' call to drop plans for "draconian" new licence legislation.

Letter to the Editor - Financial Times - Thursday, 14th December 2006
Malcolm Rifkind argues that the EU's Single Market has been a huge success, so it makes no sense to have an "in or out" debate (FT, 13th December). Has he not read Commission Vice President Gunther Verheugen's estimate that regulation in the Single Market is costing EU economies €600 billion a year?

Letter to the Editor - Nottinghamshire Evening Post - Thursday, 14th December 2006
John Gretton (Letters, 7th December) is sticking to his spurious claim that the EU produces only ten percent of our laws. So readers have a choice. They can take John Gretton's word for it, or they can accept the official view of the British and German governments, both of which put the figure at over 50%.

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