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Stiffening our resistance

"It had been a distinctive feature of the early British settlements in America, particularly those in New England, that they had nurtured representative institutions. . .Indeed, the 'Glorious Revolution' encouraged the colonists to regard their own assemblies as equivalent in status to the Westminster Parliament; a number of colonial assemblies passed laws rehearsing Magna Carta and affirming the rights of those they represented. . . (Niall Ferguson, Empire).

London responded by increasingly insisting on centralised control with less representation, and without equal rights. The resulting revolution is well-known and a great human achievement.

Today, the European Union is insisting increasingly on centralising control over all of Britain. Losing our ability to represent ourselves, the British people are in the position of their 18th century American cousins. It is a bit surprising then to find that the response of some British people is to get angry with the Americans. As EURSOC points out,

America doesn’t make 75 percent of our laws, it doesn’t run the UK’s immigration policy, the UK doesn’t have to hand over £14billion a year to American farmers. No one is plotting to hand over governance of British courts to the US, unfair extradition treaties excepted. Britain is not obliged to slaughter its cattle or smash up its fishing fleet to the advantage of say, Florida.

America hasn’t perverted the British parliament, whereby scheming civil servants solicit their European equivalents to hoodwink British ministers and the public. America does not insist on the break-up of Britain into self-governing regions and share ever-encroaching data on citizens, or merge police forces and defence resources.

The US is not trying to merge Britain’s seat on the UN security council or to impose its constitution.

British domestic politics is conducted in a vacuum of ignorance and taboo regarding the EU. While 75% of all laws come from the unelected cabal in Brussels with some 20,000 laws already on the statute books, the public is asked to swallow the line that somehow Britain retains a self-governing democracy.

I do not believe the public swallows this line.

In America, “At Lexington, seven-seven Minute Men, so-called because they were said to be ‘ready in a minute’, came out to halt the British advance, forming up on the village green. It is not clear who fired the first shot, but the outcome was never in doubt: the Minute Men were mown down by the well-drilled regulars. . .Why did this one-sided encounter not mark the abrupt end of an obscure New England rebellion? The answer is, first, that the colonists’ resistance stiffened as the regulars advanced toward Concord. . .” (Ferguson).

In Britain we need to stiffen our resistance and vote out of office any and every MP who will not agree to take us of the European Union.

EURSOC via EU Referendum