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Four stalwarts – Christopher Booker, Marta Andreasen, Andrew Hamilton, and Ashley Mote MEP – investigate EU accounting

In his latest column, Christopher Booker illuminates three stalwarts and the shambles of EU accounting. These interesting facts are clear:

The British people give £15 billion a year to the EU.

The average salary of the EU Commission's 22,657 employees is €159,465.

For the last 12 years the EU's Court of Auditors has refused to approve the EU’s accounts, “because they are riddled with ‘material errors’ and ‘irregularities."

Chief EU accountant Marta Andreasen became a whistle-blower and was sacked.

A man after our own heart, “Andrew Hamilton, an Edinburgh accountant, organised two meetings, in Edinburgh and Birmingham, for Marta Andreasen “to put her case to hundreds of accountants, lawyers and other professionals. They were horrified by her picture of ‘an Augean stables of untraceable payments and myriad bank accounts with no ascertainable controls or signatories’.”

Ashley Mote, a British MEP, tried to ask Marta's successor, Brian Gray, questions arising from her criticisms. “The rest of the committee hastily voted to bring the session to an end.”

All the details are in Christopher Booker’s column here.