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Week in review

The week in review for Brits at their best includes the frightening, the amusing, and the inspiring:

Brit sets new hot-air balloon altitude record

One man, one board, one big country – do Brits have a penchant for travelling uncomfortably?

A patriot speaks out against EU; warns Cameron that issue of freedom transcends party loyalty

Brits approach the Pole of Inaccessibility

The great story of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

With Anglo-Saxon garnets and Greek marbles the British Museum has gone from ten visitors to five million

Churchill talks about the spirit

Young Scots support Union on 300th anniversary

A brave journalist unveils “moderate” mosques that threaten Britain

Brits are golden at the Globes

Courageous tube passengers pursue bombers

Is it whither Britain? Not if Brits keep their heads

James Lind is an early pioneer of evidence-based medicine as he tackles scurvy

Anglosphere countries place in top 10 for freedom and prosperity

A great wine writer explains English-French history, and we give you one more reason why the EU is unpalatable

Zoological Society of London aims to save rare, vulnerable animals

Defending the people – defending them from their leaders, that is

Stiff upper lips and a liking for excitement

Jeffreys is the greatest Briton of all – his DNA fingerprinting can prove paternity, convict the guilty and free the innocent

Non-scientist makes number one medical advance since 1840 – it's official: everyone wants good sanitation and fortunately a Brit was able to deliver it

The Queen –increasingly popular for doing one difficult thing

The brain can change

Brain performance improves with – oh no! oh yes! – exercise

Invisible farm treasure

Robin Hood’s real target

A British soldier’s ideals

First elected Parliament defies King and meets

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