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One man, one board, one big country

This blog is always on the look-out for good things that Brits are doing. Usually we look in vain for any signs of brilliant activity from our leaders, but there are no end of Brits doing fine things. They seem inclined to make epic journeys, often breaking world records in the process.

We commented on the record-breaking balloon ascent, on the youngest sailor to cross the Atlantic, and on the journey to the Pole of Inaccessibility, a very hard journey we understand from the Times. Now we have news of long-distance skate-boarding.

David Cornthwaite of Oxfordshire is nearing the end of a 3,600-mile journey by skateboard from Perth to Brisbane via Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney. According to the Telegraph, he has worn through thirteen pairs of shoes, and has developed a right calf muscle like a “giant chicken breast fillet”. His reason for embarking can be appreciated by anyone who finds travelling to work more enjoyable than the job itself. Cornthwaite is raising money for charity, and has seen Australia, which he describes with some eloquence on his blog.