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Channel 4 lifts the veil on "moderate" mosques in the UK

Last night's Dispatches programme on Channel 4 has lifted the veil on the threat posed to freedom by violent Islamists at mosques that have been described as "moderate". The Dispatches reporter went to a number of UK mosques, and managed to secretly videotape their meetings for Undercover Mosque. He captured preacher after preacher calling for the murder of Christians and Jews, the overthrow of Parliamentary democracy, and the imposition of Sharia law.

It is the British Government that has called some of these mosques "moderate". Some of them receive state-funding. One preacher is the deputy headmaster of a UK state school, and another is a Saudi with diplomatic immunity.

By coincidence the programme was shown on the same day that six Muslims were being tried for attempting to blow up the Underground two weeks after the successful attacks in London in July 2005. Three of them had attended the radical mosque, Finsbury Park. One wonders how much more "radical" the preaching is at Finsbury than at these so-called "moderate" mosques.

We applaud the reporter. Our views have been informed. The threat to freedom and measures to defeat violent Islamists can be found here.