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New projects for Peter Jackson


Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is suing New Line Cinema to obtain an open audit of the movie company’s accounts for his trilogy. Apparently the company's financial reports are a bit disheveled.

Jackson was born in New Zealand, the only child of Bill and Joan Jackson, who were immigrants from England. He began using his parents’ Super-8 camera to make films when he was eight. A 10-minute film with friends expanded over four years to a ninety-minute film that took him to Cannes, won him critical acclaim, and introduced him to his future wife, screenwriter Fran Walsh.

Jackson, who has lost weight and now looks less like a hobbit and more like Aragorn, has almost finished directing Alice Sebold's story The Lovely Bones, due out later this year. He has optioned Temeraire, a set of fantasy novels about dragons in the Napoleonic Wars, and is producing Dambusters, a dramatic remake of the World War II aerial battle. He likes to work on more than one film at once, though his wife has remarked that this means production sometimes resembles laying track in front of a moving train.