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Tribute to Lord Pearson and Lord Willoughby de Broke, defenders of freedom

Lord Pearson of Rannoch

Since Lord Pearson and Lord Willoughby de Broke boldly established their defence of the British people's independence and freedom in the House of Lords (see previous post), we are publishing a small tribute to them. (In the case of Lord Pearson, republishing a previous tribute.)

Lord Pearson is a businessman who likes facts since it is on facts that a business thrives. The Chairman of PWS, one of the world’s leading specialist reinsurance brokers, he believes that the facts of the European Union point to the demise of British freedom and prosperity.

In 1997 he, Lord Harris and Lord Stoddart established the geo-political think tank Global Britain to investigate and analyse Britain's role in the wider world and the impact of the European Union on Britain. Global Britain finds that the EU has a negative effect on justice, economic prosperity, freedom, and, the one place it might have been expected to do some good, on the environment.

in 2003 Lord Pearson introduced a Bill in the House of Lords that would require, as he put it, "the Government to set up an independent inquiry into what life might really be like outside the European Union, especially for our economy, defence and constitution. It requires the result to be made public, together with the financial cost of our membership of the EU." Extracts from the House debate are here.

The Bill did not pass the House. Recently Lord Pearson reintroduced the Bill. Recall that William Wilberforce introduced his bill to abolish the slave trade many times before he succeeded. Yesterday Lord Pearson made a dramatic step away from the nightmare dreams of the EU by giving the UK Independence Party a voice in Parliament.

Lord Willoughby de Broke

According to Helen Szamuely writing in EU Referendum, Lord Willoughby de Broke

is one of the hardest working and most active peers in the House, though he has never held a paid ministerial job. He is not as well known in the media as Lord Pearson, but he is as important in politics. . .

The 21st Baron likes to work behind the scenes. His very public action yesterday may be seen as the actions of a man who feels that the British people are on the brink of losing their country. Lord Willoughby is concerned about all the evils inflicted by the EU, both big and small. He carried the tragic story of the EU's merciless and unfair destruction of Bowland Dairies to the House of Lords last year. See Christopher Booker's Notebook.

The entire history of the British people has been a struggle to secure and retain freedom and independence – from the tyranny of unjust kings, an overweening Church, despots at home, and foreign powers. Our freedom and independence can never be legally given away, but it can be lost if we forget it is ours, and it will remain ours only if we defend it.