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An irreversible tendency?

You are not alone if you are wondering whether the human race’s predilection for violence is innate, an evolutionary trait that makes peace forever a dream.

Mark Bowden, the author of Black Hawk Down, wrote,

The idea used to be that terrible countries were terrible because good, decent, innocent people were being oppressed by evil, thuggish leaders. Somalia changed that. Here you have a country where just about everybody is caught up in the fighting. You stop an old lady on the street and ask her if she wants peace, and she will say, 'Yes, of course, I pray for it daily.' All the things you would expect her to say. Then ask her if she would be willing for her clan to share power with another to have that peace, and she'll say, 'With those murderers and thieves? I'd die first.' Via PajamasMedia

One of the little-noticed themes in the creation and defence of freedom is how essential it is that people be able to forgive each other and work together. This, of course, was what Jesus taught, and it seems plausible that in a Christian country his teaching would have a beneficial effect at least some of the time. There is evidence to suggest that in Britain this was true.