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"Bah, humbug" to Labour's ID card

Hazel Blears MP is Member for Salford, Chair of the Labour Party, and Minister without Portfolio in Tony Blair’s Cabinet. As such she has been pushing for compulsory ID cards. The cards will be linked to a database known as the National Identity Register (NIR). UK residents will have to:

Attend in person to be photographed, have their fingerprints taken and iris scanned; promptly inform the police or Home Office if a card is lost or damaged; promptly inform NIR of any change of address; promptly inform NIR of significant changes to their personal life.

We can just see George Orwell grimacing "promptly". The government claims that the card will prove effective against illegal immigration, terrorism, and benefit fraud, but that is humbug. Human rights lawyers, activists, security professionals, IT experts, and mere citizens who love freedom are justifiably concerned.

On her website (scroll down), Mrs Blears has a poll asking, “Do you think everyone should carry ID cards?” To date, wiser heads than hers – 80% of respondents – have answered NO.

Pleased as we are with the percentage of NO votes, we can already envisage Labour’s next move. Should there be too much of an outcry against the cards, it will create NIR, but will not require that everyone “carry ID cards" – only make it menacingly inconvenient if a law-abiding citizen is caught without one.

You can find NO2ID's campaign against NIR and ID cards here.