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A note about the fox

In defending riding to hounds in the country, as I did below, I did not intend to ride roughshod over the feelings of Brits who do not like to see animals abused. This is a noble feeling, which has given rise to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and has done much good.

The question will always be, what are the specific particulars of the noble feeling? Is the fox being abused? The question is controversial because thoughtful people hold different opinions about it. What is known is that the fox is by general account the most prolific predator on earth and devours many animals. In the UK his only natural predator is man, who will try to keep his numbers down to protect farm birds and wild birds.

Personally, I should never want to see a fox caught and killed by hounds. On the other hand I also love the country and country pursuits, and even at this distance in America I can see they are under threat. If a ban on hunting foxes with hounds threatens the country and the people of the country, I am opposed to it.