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Vote Today to repeal European Communities Act

BBC’s Today Programme asked listeners of its early morning news and current affairs to suggest laws which they thought should be scrapped. Thousands sent in ideas, and a panel sifted them to arrive at a short-list of six.

Although all six laws should be deep-sixed, we hope you will vote today to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 (which allowed Britain to join the EC, later the EU). We say why in free spins no deposit win real moneyDefeating Threats to Freedom.

We have noted before that Parliament passes far too many laws. Members apparently have the mistaken idea that to earn their salaries they have constantly to put new laws on the books. The result is that Britain increasingly resembles Gulliver, tied down by thousands of unnecessary and costly regulations that require higher taxes to administer and that stifle our personal freedoms and independence. The worst is the law that has shackled us to the European Union.

Vote today to scuttle it.