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Defending scientific exploration

Lord Monckton recently rebuked those who would stifle free examination into climate change and its causes. Many people have assumed the world is warming up due to industrialization, and that this fact is proven, but apparently it is not.

Some scientists have argued that 400,000 year-old ice cores from Antarctica show the world in a natural 1500-year-cycle of warm up and cool down. Other scientists suggest that climate change is due to complex cosmic reasons, such as changes in the Earth's orbit, and that mankind has little to do with it. Nevertheless the idea that mankind has caused climate change has swept the airwaves and has led to U.S. senators demanding that independent scientists should have their research squashed.

Lord Monckton wrote to U.S. senators:

"You acknowledge the effectiveness of the climate sceptics. In so doing, you pay a compliment to the courage of those free-thinking scientists who continue to research climate change independently despite the likelihood of refusal of publication in journals that have taken preconceived positions; the hate mail and vilification from ignorant environmentalists; and the threat of loss of tenure in institutions of learning which no longer make any pretence to uphold or cherish academic freedom."

I believe in defending our earth's natural beauty and health, but it would be a pity to spend vast sums of money on attempting to stop a climate change we are not causing when the money is desperately needed elsewhere, for instance, in ridding Africa of malaria.

The British tradition of free speech that has served us so well and contributed much to the well-being of the world allowed scientific investigations that were not necessarily popular at the time. It is being significantly threatened by the political correctness of academia, which insists on pre-conceived ideas of what is true and false, right and wrong.