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Courageous Soldiers (updated)


The Royal Marines advance party
for Op Silica lands in Now Zad,
Picture: Sean Clee

It is generally acknowledged that Britain was unprepared to fight World War II. The Dunkirk escape was fantastic, but we lacked armaments of all kinds, and struggled to survive. However, we recovered, and with our allies went on to win essential victories against the Axis Powers and their totalitarian ideology.

Richard North of the EU Referendum and Mark Wallace of The Freedom Association have been warning us for some time that the Armed Froces have not been given the support they need. Yesterday General Sir Mike Jackson, the recently retired head of the Army, went on record to say that British forces were being asked to complete missions for which they were not properly supplied. We wish he had had made something more of this concern before he retired, but we applaud everyone who insists that British soldiers be properly equipped and compensated.

We particularly salute the soldiers. Despite the lackadaisical support of politicians they have been skillful and courageous. In Afghanistan they have fought 150 engagements in 105 days. Stories and photos can be found at the Defence News website >

Today we learn that British troops in Iraq seized a suspected terror chief and his bomb-making factory during a daring night-time raid.