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"The Frankish Empire Strikes Back"

James Lewis writes in the American Thinker,

The European Union would have you believe it's the latest sign of progressive humanity, a peaceful and prosperous socialist union where previously only war and discord used to reign. Skeptics might point out that the EU is basically a revived Frankish Empire (5th-10th century CE), an attempt to unify Germany and France in an effort to control all of Europe.

. . .The constant Europropaganda against America and Israel must be seen in this framework. Ultimately all politics are local, and in this case, it is Europe's neurosis that needs to be soothed by hating America and Israel. That is how European political movements have always worked, by finding an external enemy to take the blame. America and the Jews are especially useful, because nobody is really afraid of them. No such hatred is directed to the Russians, because everybody understands that Putin will take revenge against his critics.

Britian was never part of the Frankish Empire, has never tried to control Europe, but on the contrary fought more than once to prevent Europe from sinking into slavery, and has avoided like the plague the nightmare dreams of old men that have bedeviled other nations. We lay out the case for Britain's sovereignty and against the EU here.