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The Beatles Reimagined

A new two disc CD, LOVE (Apple) features almost 80 minutes of the Beatles’ music reimagined by Giles Martin and his father, the legendary group’s producer, George Martin. Originally commissioned by Cirque du Soleil, writes Jim Fusilli in the Wall Street Journal on November 29,

The sprightly pop of “Lady Madonna” provides an example of how Mr. Martin worked – and the behind-the-scenes stories he inadvertently uncovered. The original track is relatively sparse – built on Mr. McCartney’s driving left hand, the rhythm is colored by Mr. Starr’s subtle brush play – so Mr. Martin grafted “Hey Bulldog,” a much heftier, full-band performance, to the song’s center to give it the blast the Cirque show required. Later, Mr. McCartney told him John Lennon had written “Hey Bulldog” as a musical rebuttal to his “Lady Madonna”.

LOVE had the approval of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Olivia Harrison, and Yoko Ono Lennon, who contributed a recording of John Lennon singing “Strawberry Fields Forever” accompanied only by his acoustic guitar. According to Fusilli, the CD, DVD offering reveals the Beatles’ “flights of imagination". As you might imagine, the reactions of Beatles' fans are mixed.

dynamitekid156 writes on Amazon: "This album is a disappointment. Luckily, the material is so peerless that you can't ruin it so much that it's unlistenable." R. Whitehead "Sir Backer" (Western Australia) disagrees:

It's a familiar, comfortable, welcoming house, where there's a party going on. And in every room, there are old friends who greet you, people who you thought you'd lost touch with, or become bored with, or moved away from. But they're all there, and like people do, they've grown up in the intervening decades. But instead of growing older, or becoming cynical, or showing signs of aging, these friends are immaculate, revitalised, shimmering in new garb, stripped down and gorgeously reinvented for the 21st century. Listening to this CD is like being invited to this party.