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The Relationship


Richard North of EU Referendum points out that the latest story in Britain about the “demise” of Britain’s and America’s special relationship was based on the remarks of a low-level U.S. State Department employee who speaks at events paid for by the European Union.

Quite clearly the story was planted, and the London newspapers, unlike the wily trout, swallowed the bait. The American Ambassador to the United Kingdom has since denounced it:

Kendall Myers's inaccurate and ill-advised statements are not a reflection of American government opinion, policy or the actual nature of the robust bilateral relationship.

. . . United by our love of liberty and the rule of law, and buttressed by countless familial, professional and government links, the special relationship of Americans and Britons will not be weakened by the careless remarks of one individual.

That, at least, is what most Americans believe. Our shared love of freedom, the rule of just law, and representative government is based on our common sense understanding that they are our best chance of living creative, prosperous, and happy lives. Given the threats to liberty inside and outside our countries, it seems a waste of time to stumble over each other – though I realize that Americans can be highly annoying to Brits.