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Appreciating This England


Founded in 1968, This England is Britain’s best-selling quarterly magazine in the UK and overseas. Its latest Winter issue includes a thoughtful evocation of EM Forster and the inspirational English settings for his books; a superb description of an early 20th century Arts and Crafts movement-designed church, whose gorgeous tapestries were created by William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones; Historic Homes of England; Great Britons (Isaac Newton); Exploring English Surnames; a calendar of upcoming events; book reviews; reports on food; comic and lyric poems; and an extremely rich Post Box holding Letters to the Editor. The whole magazine is illustrated with quite stunning historic and contemporary photographs.

free spins no deposit win real moneyThis England's editor and founder is Roy Faiers. In 1978 Faiers slowed the advance of metrication. He continues to oppose the European Union and resolutely defends ancient English freedoms. You can find details in Liberty! The Timeline. Faiers has contributed immeasurably to celebrating and saving the best of England.