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Defending Britain

The Guardian has reported that nine young British Jews have been training in Israel to join the Israeli Army. The British recruits believe that the Jewish state needs a show of solidarity. “There is something very mystical about it. It’s the ancient Jewish homeland. It’s where it all started,” said one. Israel, of course, is under threat from Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, and Iran.

Britain is under threat from Islamic extremism as well. In our case, MI5 says there are thousands of Islamic terrorists who have trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan and consider Britain a target.

The British diaspora comprises many times the number of people as the Jewish diaspora, and when Britain was threatened in the past, Brits from all over the world leapt to defend the island. Unfortunately the government has cut many of these connections by focusing so exclusively on the EU. We look to Brits around the world to rally to the cause of defeating violent threats to Britain and to freedom.