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Attacking corruption in Australia

As you are aware, companies and government officials in France, Russia, and China have been implicated in the Iraq oil scandal. They have been charged with paying kickbacks to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in exchange for cheap oil deals via the oil-for-food program. In retrospect we should not have been surprised that Iraqi babies were dying of starvation or that these countries refused to vote for UN sanctions against the Hussein regime.

As far as we know, there is only one country actively investigating Iraqi kickbacks, and that is Australia. The Cole Commission has just reported on its investigation.

According to the Adelaid, the Cole Commission says that there was no government involvement in the corruption, but there was corporate corruption. It has recommended that 12 Australians be investigated by a new taskforce for possible criminal offences.

Australian Attorney General Philip Ruddock declared that Australia would not tolerate corruption at home or by Australian companies in other parts of the world. The Aussies know that corruption destroys a people's independence and prosperity.