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‘This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship’

Skipper Mike Golding was a favourite to win the solo, non-stop, round-the-world Velux 5 Oceans race. His biggest rival was Alex Thomson.

A former Berkshire fireman, Mike Golding had moved into second place in the race. Alex Thomson was in third place. They were in the Southern Ocean when Golding received a distress call from Thomson, and turned back to save him.

According to the Daily Mail, he battled against the elements to sail 80 miles upwind and make the dangerous rescue. Thomson's capsized yacht, Hugo Boss, was left to sink.

Golding re-entered the race with Thomson onboard, but hours later they found his mast had broken in two places. The two are now sailing 1,000 miles to Cape Town, South Africa, for repairs.

Thomson is out of the race. It is unclear whether Golding can reenter it.