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There is much more we want to know

Discovering DNA. . . establishing that cigarette smoke causes cancer. . . inventing artificial hips. . .unearthing fossils of early hominids. . .inventing vertical lift take-off. . .founding the World Wildlife Fund. . .inventing beta blockers. . .inventing defibrillators. . . inventing MRIs. . .establishing hospice care. . .inventing the World Wide Web. . . Brits have been pretty busy in the last half of the 20th century. In the 21st century they have been designing the i-Pod, making advances in nanotechnology, transplanting stem cells so the blind can see, and figuring out how to make nerve cells connect so patients with spinal injuries can walk.

All we have tried to do is keep up with them in the Ingenious Timeline. It’s a small, humble task by comparison, but we don’t always get it right. We know we have missed some breakthroughs. If you see we have, please let us know.

When we could, we’ve sketched the personal backgrounds of men and women who were seemingly too ill, too poor or even too short to do what they wanted to do. Being mavericks with great hearts as well as amazing brains, they persevered, and confounded us.