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Of language and cricket

A few years ago, David heard an American complain about immigrants who did not speak English. David wryly replied that was his problem, too. Hardly anyone in America spoke English. Today in the Mail, Peter Hitchens offers "a small complaint" about the overuse of the stalwart verb "get" and the misuse of "1800s" for 19th century. Both, as he rightly guesses, are Americanisms, and we are certainly guilty as charged.

England's cricket team is not doing well in Australia, but fortunately for Americans inclined to root for them, we find it impossible to translate reports like this into American:

Flintoff, already with so much responsibility on his shoulders, was the only paceman to handle the conditions – and expectations – after coming on in just the 12th over. He had Matthew Hayden trapped on the crease and angling a thick edge to Paul Collingwood at second slip, and backed up by short-circuiting Langer's day when he was caught at point as he closed in on a frenetic hundred.

Never mind, that's an Australian writing English in their free spins no deposit win real moneyDaily Telegraph.