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A note on the Trout and a cry of the heart

The Times reports that researchers have found and proved that fish have personalities and memories. They view this as a breakthrough.

Well, it might be if Izaak Walton hadn't told us about it more than three hundred years ago in the Compleat Angler: "You are to note, that the great old Trout is both subtle and fearful. . ." Subtle because he has learned how to hunt frogs and Water-rats and to escape hunters, fearful because matters of life and death are likely to make anyone cautious, and boldest at night (a point the researchers do not discuss). Anglers have known all this for years.

Lookee here, if the Brits are going to forget everything they ever learned, they are going to have to forget a great deal.

With apologies for what we don’t know and in the hope that an enthusiast will want to contribute to sports on this site, here is our bit on the Brits’ contributions to angling, rugby, football, tennis, badminton, cricket,
golf. . .