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Restoring the cross


The Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu

Our favourite archbishop, Dr. John Sentamu, has accused British Airways of ignoring the nation's Christian heritage by refusing to allow Nadia Eweida, an employee, to wear a cross. In the print edition of the Daily Mail Dr. Sentamu said, "British Airways needs to look again at this decision and to look at the history of the country it represents, whose culture, laws, heritage, and tradition owe so much to the very same symbol it would ban."

Dr. Sentamu said BA's decision undermined its right to claim to be our national airline. "Wearing a cross carries with it not only a symbol of our hopes, but also a responsibility to act and to live as Christians. This symbol does not point only upwards, but also outwards. It reminds us not only of our duties to God, but also to one another."

For years British Airways flew the Union flag on the tail of their planes. The flag comprises the three crosses of St. George, St. Andrew, and St. Patrick. There was outrage and business losses when BA replaced the flag with a multiculti hodgepodge. BA ultimately restored the flag, albeit in a somewhat abstract form. Perhaps the Bishop's words and public outcry and possibly loss of business on both sides of the Atlantic will restore Nadia Eweida's job and cross.