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Rising to the occasion and meeting the Islamic Threat

The best of the Brits has sometimes been manifested in the people of Britain and sometimes in their leaders. In the last decade or two, it is relatively hard to think of many times when the leaders of Britain have shone. So it has been up to the people to exhibit the great qualities they have so often shown in the past.

An example is the war on terror. The biggest terror disaster in Britain was the 7/7 attack in London and the subsequent shooting of the innocent Brazilian Richard de Menezes. The Conservative MP who is the shadow minister for homeland security has pointed out that a problem in both these disasters was that neither the police nor London transport officials had radios that would work in the Underground. This sort of radio is available, but eighteen months on, no such radio has been issued to either organization. The Government is clearly incompetent, or is not taking the threat seriously.

However, two Britons are using their own money to fight the terrorist threat to the UK, according to an article in the free spins no deposit win real moneySunday Telegraph. Two patriots in their 50s have set up an organization called Vigil, and are working with a number of others who are seeking to protect Britain by disrupting and exposing terrorist activity. They are also working with the media to highlight threats from Muslim extremists. Vigil has five paid staff and an additional twenty-five volunteers, many with military and financial experience.

Dominic Whiteman, Vigil’s director and spokesman, explains, "We are vigilant but we are not vigilantes. We are also aware of our boundaries: we gather evidence that can be used in a court room but we don't meddle." He estimates that 3,000 people in Britain have been through Osama Bin Laden’s training, and 16,000 people are Al Qaeda sympathizers.

A recent Vigil success was Glen Jenvey's Internet sting of Omar Bakri Mohammed, who praised the 7/7 bombers on the Internet, and advocated a terrorist attack on Dublin. More recently, Vigil set up an internet sting that provided evidence linking Abu Hamza, the British radical Islamic cleric, to terror camps.

We thought this is what we were paying the Government to do,. Thank goodness Whiteman, Jenvey, and their colleagues are rising to the occasion.

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