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Further thoughts on weights and measures


As I mentioned in an earlier post, JK Rowling is one of the patrons of the British Weights and Measures Association. The Assocation is resisting the rush to metrication. The abandoment of all our constitutional safeguards and the adoption of a European system of laws and measurements have come about without any proper debate in Parliament or in the country at large. When I asked Lord Pearson how this had come about, he replied somewhat ironically that "fairy dust" had been sprinkled on our legislators.

Perhaps JK Rowling can conjure up some more powerful magic to counteract the spell. More likely, the positive benefits of using our traditional units of measurement will become more obvious. After all, metrication has usually been imposed by fiat, whether by Napoleon or by the EU Commissioners. Mostly when people have been allowed to choose, they have chosen the much more practical and convenient and easily understood British weights and measures.

Let's remember that the idea of standarized weights and measures began with Magna Carta in 1215, and standard weights were established in 1266. So for eight hundred years we have successfully used this system. To read more see the Ingenious Timeline. (Scroll down)