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Memory, Insight and Awareness


We keep saying that we are celebrating the BEST OF THE BRITS, and there are so many positive things to talk about, we hope you'll take a dip in the LIBERTY TIMELINE and INNOVATIVE THINKERS, CREATIVE BRITS, HEROES, and SPORTS AND STYLE.

But it has to be said that the best of the Brits were often struggling against the worst of the Brits or Brits gone seriously astray. That would be the case here, as Alasdair Palmer reports in the TELEGRAPH:

"We don't like your charity, so we'll close it"

“Next week, the new Charities' Bill will finish its passage through Parliament. It should become law before the end of the year. In spite of being billed as "the biggest review of charity legislation in the past 400 years", it has generated very little comment. This is surprising, because the Bill will vastly increase the power of the Charities' Commission to dissolve charities, confiscate their endowments and assets, and give them to what the Commission considers a more genuinely ‘charitable" cause.’

Despite the long history of charitable British trusts freely reaching out to help Brits in need – indeed to help the whole world – an autocratic government may be bullying every charity in the land. This is outrageous. A free people does not want or need this.

On the positive side, a free people's memory of its past, of freedoms lost and freedoms gained, provides the insight and awareness necessary for action. . .