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Rights of Freeborn Brits

The main purpose of this website and blog is to record and celebrate the many aspects of the British that are worthy of celebration. There are many blogs bemoaning the current state of affairs in Britain, and understandably because there are so many things to bemoan: the uncontrolled immigration of people who are not British and have no wish to become British; the related vast numbers of Britons who are emigrating in a new, largely undocumented diaspora; the continual dismantling of the British Constitution – a constitution which has stood us in good stead for centuries is now being removed to make way for a repressive government; the politicisation of the police and judiciary. The list could go on. But the purpose of this website is to explore the positive things that Brits have done and are doing.

Most Brits do not like the political changes that have taken place recently, still less those that are contemplated, and many are doing something about it. David Noakes is organising a group called Action Now which will encourage freeborn Brits to urge their councillors, MPs, and other leaders to break free of the encroaching European Union by leaving the Union immediately. To learn more, visit Noakes.

I am surprised that the free speech trial of Nick Griffin has not received more attention. This is probably because Mr Griffin is the leader of the British National Party, an organisation which many view with suspicion. Certainly all of the media do. However, this should not distract us from the principle at stake. Griffin spoke wisely and honestly about the hazards of a large unintegrated Muslim community in Britain. At the first trial the jury found him non-guilty on two charges. He is is currently being tried on another two charges. This is a political trial in which the political rights of a freeborn Englishman are being threatened by the political elites. I believe that all believers in freedom, and all true patriots should support him.