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The Cast-Iron Bridge

The UK Independence Party is the only party that wants the people of Britain to govern themselves. I have just driven up to attend UKIP's Annual Conference in Telford, in the County of Shropshire. It is very close to the world's first cast-iron bridge. A very elegant and at the same time quaint structure it is.

The conference also lies close to the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site. The use of coke for fuel and the casting of complex machine parts crucial to the industrial revolution were pioneered in this area by Abraham Darby, whose grandson Abraham Darby III built the bridge. It's the precision of the cast-iron parts that allowed the bridge to be built in 1779 in "the valley of invention".


For more about the Darbys, see THE INGENIOUS TIMELINE >

It was freedom that enabled so many inventions to be made in Britain. It seems somewhat poetic that the people seeking to restore those freedoms should be meeting a mile or two away.

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