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Brits Win Ryder Cup

Samuel Ryder, a Brit who made a fortune putting seeds in packets, learned to play golf quite well in his 50s. Watching a match between Brits and Americans in 1926, he decided to put up seed money, and make it a biennial event. The first match began with gusto in 1927 with the Brits and Americans swinging for dominance in single and team matches. The Cup (Mr Ryder donated a very handsome gold specimen) went on ice during World War II, but returned when the war ended. However, by the1970s Brits had tired of not winning the Cup, and it was decided the Cup should include European players.

The blue and gold EU flag is certainly very visible on the Ryder Cup website today, and Europe now seems to dominate the Cup, leaving the Americans, who play a more solitary game in the States on less touseled greens, struggling. But does Europe dominate?

The Brits, as we explain HERE > invented, or perfected, the game of golf.

At this year's event, as Richard North explains in more detail HERE > half the victorious "Europe" team were British. Two were Irish, and there were two each from Spain and Sweden. There were no representatives from 21 of the current 25 EU countries. All the Brits took their matches.

It might be said, with modesty, it was the Brits took the Ryder Cup this year.